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Updated: Jun 8, 2023

If you are moving into a smaller space, then the need to downsize is imminent unless you are putting things in storage. Moving into a larger place is usually no problem but some items still just won’t sit right.

Here are some tips to make it easier:

Packing Supplies

You need:

  • boxes

  • garbage bags

  • felt markers

  • cleaning supplies

  • newspaper for wrapping

Get used boxes from recycling depots, or grocery stores.

Things To Think About Before You Pack

. Prebook the moving truck at least a month before... book the truck.

· Have a good idea in your mind what you want your new space to look like, if not then a sketch will do.

· Think about what you want to spend your time doing in the next two years including hobbies, work, when you are relaxing, or entertaining. Do you plan to have guests stay, or travel more? These thoughts will have a lot to do with the things you own….to downsize or not.

· When you are trying to so call “junk out”, the question goes: if you haven’t used it or needed it in 6 months to a year then it might be time to go. Think if you really like the item, does it give you joy?

· Does the item go with your theme, or décor, or wardrobe? Has it been broken for a while and not fixed? Maybe time to go for good.

· Have several boxes or bags on hand: give-away to friend or family, thrift store, and garbage, unsure. Possibly a garage sale pile as well.

· Packing one room at a time can be easier said than done, usually start with items that are not needed daily.

· Warm up and stretch cause it’s not likely you do this packing all the time unless it’s your job. This includes a lot of bending and reaching and sore muscles are not fun. Avoid getting right into it without a short quick warm up. There is less of a chance of a pulled or strained muscle if you warm up. Stretch when you are done for the day not only feels good but prevents those overused muscles from aching.

Packing and Decluttering

· Start packing the things high up or down low, usually those things are not used as often.

· Try to use boxes with lids that close, and a marker to write what room the box goes to and a description of what’s in it. Colored markers can be designated for different rooms. Red for kitchen, black for bathroom etc.

· Another option is writing it on paper and taping it onto the box, but this way may result in the paper getting torn off in the move.

· Give yourself plenty of time to pack and do a little every day, don’t wait until the last few days before the move.

· Have a box for things you wish to give away to friends or family, a box for donations, and a box for garage sale items. Possibly a box for items you are just not sure.

· Don’t forget newspaper, clothes, blankets etc. can be used to wrap breakables. Dish towels and dishcloths are good too.

· Check the bottom of the boxes to make sure they are stable and won’t come apart at the bottom.

· I recommend moving boxes into a porch or dry covered area, close to where the movers will pick them up if you are cleaning after things are packed up.

· Some people clean after they are moved out others are cleaning the shelves and floors as they pack.

· What about memorabilia or items that are sentimental? Keep it if you want. Was it hidden away or displayed? Then if you need to downsize those items, I like giving it to a family member that might want a fond memory.

· Clean your items before you pack them and wash the area where it was stored.

· Larger items that are delicate can be wrapped with blankets and tied with string or tape. Don’t forget to mark on them what room they go into.

· Stacking things and put things inside of hollow items are good way to save space.

· Just think of how much less cleaning and clutter can be better when you are trying to save space.

. Make time for cleaning after items are moved out whether you hire someone or do it yourself. It really leaves a good impression of the kind of person you are and sill end it all on a good note.

Happy moving day and congratulations on your new home!

by Digital Markateer, 2022

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